happy 2017 + tilde~ new music academy + glasswalk premiere + something new to listen to

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you've been having a great 2017 so far, and not melting in this crazy heat (at least, in Sydney!)

2017 is looking like a big year so far - a lot of it slightly unplanned, but very exciting. What I can tell you about so far is a couple of things that are happening in the very near future.

1. tilde~ new music academy
Melbourne, I am heading your way! I'm excited to be participating in this year's tilde~ music academy and learning from the likes of Liza Lim and Chris Dench and Mohammed Kubbarra! There's also the tilde~ new music festival on the Sunday the 17th of January, and it has a stellar line-up. You can find out more about it here. If you're in Melbourne, or heading to tilde~, definitely say hi!

2. ensemble nouveau + glasswalk premiere
On March 3, ensemble nouveau is premiering glasswalk, an orchestral piece that I've written! It's not a lot that you get to write for orchestra, let alone, hear something you've written for it in a concert! In the program is also some Dvorak and Brahms, so if you're not that into new music (which is ok!), there'll hopefully be something for you too! You can check out the event here. Entry is free!

3. another orchestral piece
Last year, I was very lucky to have been chosen as one of three composers to write for, and workshop with the Ku-ring-gai Philharmonic Orchestra. These workshops took place over three weeks in November, and the outcome was a recording of eggshell. Have a listen, and let me know what you think! KPO is a wonderful orchestra and I had a great time working with them. Definitely check them out!

That's all from me for now. Hope you all have a fantastic 2017!