march: a little update

Hello Lovely Humans!

It's been a little while, and I've been running around like a mad person, getting back into the swing of things I haven't stopped by to update you on what is going on! There's been a couple of exciting things happening in the background of teaching life, and here they are:

1. eighth blackbird workshop
I am super lucky to be friends with the powerhouse that is Liz Jigalin who runs the music box project. She recently asked me if I wanted to be a part of the workshop they were doing with incredible performers from Chicago's eighth blackbird. So while the workshop did feature a couple of pieces written by young composers, it was more focussed on the performance of the works, rather than the actual compositions. 

This was a really exciting experience - the music box project resurrected a piece I wrote for them last year called skin, translucence and the members from eighth blackbird gave them tips, as well as things to think about when interpreting and performing a piece. It was an honour to meet them and a really fun experience!

2. glasswalk premiere
I can now officially say that I've had an orchestral premiere! Thanks to John Keene and his orchestra ensemble nouveau, I had my very first orchestral premiere last Friday. It's quite something to be able to hear a piece you've only imagined in your head come to life on a stage in front of an audience!

3. connecticut summerfest
I am heading over to Connecticut in June for Connecticut Summerfest! I've never been on a solo mission overseas, or been to a music summerschool or course overseas before so I'm pretty nervous and excited. As part of the course, I've been commissioned to write a piece for the Meraki Chamber Players, who I'm very excited to work with, plus, I'm very happy to let you know that I'll be attending the festival on a Women's Composer Scholarship! Let me know if you've been before/are going/have any recommendations of things to do over in Connecticut!

That's about all from me at the moment. There are still some things working in the background that I can't let you know about just yet, but I'm pretty excited for when I can!